Board of Directors

Bill Tappan, President
Serving as a board member these past years has opened my eyes to the needs of those in our community who are uninsured or underinsured when it comes to their medical wellbeing. PCHS provides a one stop "safety net" to these individuals to insure they can receive quality, timely and affordable health care regardless of their ability to pay. It is personally rewarding to see firsthand the results our clinics make in the lives of our clients.
Diane Fielden, Vice President
Contributing to my community is my goal. Sitting on the Board for PCHSAK allows
me to work with others to insure quality health care for all, regardless of their financial

Melody Douglas, Treasurer 
Providing a well-rounded health care system that meets the needs of our community, regardless of income level, is essential to the overall success of our community. It is rewarding to work with a group of like-minded individuals serving on the Board of Directors and in the Administration to provide leadership to PCHS as it grows and improves services to its clients. 
Sarah Jones, Secretary 
My decision to become a board member of PCHS is rooted in my childhood when I had the privilege of watching my dad, a physician, care for our small community in Arkansas. I know the importance of good health care because I saw it first hand. As a board member I am part of a local forum that insures no one will be denied health care and that everyone will be treated equally.
Ellen Adlam
I serve on the PCHS board because I know that in some small way, I am helping our community have access to high quality whole person healthcare. Advocating for and being part of the Healthcare Movement on the local, state, and national level is a privilege that I am honored to undertake.
Marcus Deede
Personal and community dignity are founded on reliable access to holistic health care. To do this, innovation and long range thinking are the past and future of PCHS.
Jeff Warton
My goal is to help PCHS provide affordable, effective, and sustainable healthcare to everyone in our community.
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